Project Description

Affordable, high-quality, multi-camera, mobile Livestreaming services!

PS Productions is a private family-owned entertainment and media company in New Bern. PS Productions is proud to join with the Fusion Wedding Professionals to promote our affordable, high-quality, multi-camera, mobile Livestreaming services to ensure that your loved ones are able to be a part of your wedding festivities, even if not physically present due to the various issues impacting travel ability and public gathering attendance.

Our professional Livestreaming services take all of the stress out of your hands when it comes to Livestreaming your event to friends and family. We provide our high-speed internet connection via a mobile hotspot, and multiple production-quality cameras that capture every moment without getting in the way. We have the ability to stream your event directly to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, etc., with the ability to make the stream private based on your preferences. Our Livestreaming videographer and/or team will be available on-site throughout the duration of your wedding ceremony. Contact us for a free consultation to add Livestreaming to your list of wedding services.

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