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What is the Fusion Wedding Professionals?

It is the relaxed stress free way to get answers to your wedding day questions.  It is so important to create a relationship with the wedding professionals that will be a part of your wedding day.  The FWP came about from listening to the concerns from couples as they tried to get information that they needed for their special day.  A bridal show can be chaotic and overwhelming.  A google search does not help you find the right people for your wedding since it’s focus is on listing the vendors that have paid a great deal of money to be at the top of the page in Google ads or through SEO specialists.  A Facebook search will turn up dozens of vendors for you that will respond quickly but there is no way of knowing whether that person is a real business or not.  Review sites are somewhat helpful but the so called top vendors listed are paying money to the site in order to be there.  All of these forms of problem solvers simply create a much larger problem as you find yourself overwhelmed and confused with not only information overload but also whether or not you can feel comfortable with any of your choices.

The FWP is designed for you to connect with a wedding professional in a much more personal way.  There is only one professional per category along with venues that are of a completely different style.  This means no distracting competition.  The professionals focus on you alone.  In addition to contacting any of us at anytime, you can also attend one of our Fusion Parties. There are a limited number of couples that attend each of the parties so that the professional can spend as much time with you as you enjoy the event.  Again the most enjoyable and relaxed way leading up to your wedding day and the day itself, is having people around you that you like and trust.

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